Sustainable Power

sPower is a leading Independent Power Producer (IPP) with energy resources across North America. sPower's team brings the skills and resources to plan, fund, build, manage and own complex energy installations to meet the world's demands. With a management team that has a proven ability to think globally and manage complex organizations - both public and private - sPower is uniquely qualified to drive a new future of energy independence.

sPower is currently focused on acquiring late-stage solar, wind, hydro and biomass projects from

greenfield developers and seeing those projects through construction and long-term operations to decommissioning. sPower owns and operates energy projects in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Utah.

Whether it is hydro, wind, solar, nuclear, or even technologies yet to be invented, sPower is ready to take on the world's energy challenges. At sPower, wherever we look, we see sustainable energy opportunities.

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Utility Energy
sPower's Utility Energy Division is focused on generating power for electric utility companies in the United States. These major power providers are regulated by state governments, many of which mandate that a portion of each utility company's energy portfolio comes from renewable sources. To help utilities meet these renewable energy requirements, sPower develops, owns and operates generation facilities, including solar, wind, hydro and biomass projects, and sells the electricity and other environmental attributes to utilities. To accomplish this sPower:
  • Invests in late-stage projects developed by greenfield developers
  • Partners with technology and equipment manufacturers
  • Engages in greenfield development in targeted markets and with targeted utility programs
  • Provides financing for development, construction and long-term operations
  • Owns and operate projects and maintains quality assests for its customers
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Commercial Energy
sPower's Commercial Energy Division is focused on generating power for private or public energy consumers who want to control their energy costs. With utility electricity rates steadily increasing, large energy consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives. For these clients, sustainable energy alternatives cannot only reduce their energy bills, but can also help minimize their carbon footprint. sPower works directly with it's clients to develop sustainable energy systems that provide clean power directly to the load center.

sPower's Commercial Energy division owns and operates distributed energy projects, including solar and efficiency measures. sPower has partnered with schools, universities, cities, and large corporations in delivering successful distributed solar energy generation projects.

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At sPower, our people are our most important asset. Our deeply experienced management team and board of directors provide the expertise necessary to capitalize on a burgeoning renewable energy market. Key team members include:
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Ryan Creamer · Bio
Chief Executive Officer
J.I. "Chip" Everest · Bio
Chief Financial Officer
Sean McBride · Bio
General Counsel
Brent Peterson · Bio
Director of Finance
Rob Adams · Bio
Director Project Management
Josh Skogen · Bio
Director of Development
Randall (Randy) Corey · Bio
Vice President of Operations
Adam Schumaker · Bio
Project Manager
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