What if I already have a renewable energy project on my property?
You may be able to monetize your real estate assets by selling the land lease to sPower (sPower will maintain the lease with your current project owner).

 What benefits can I expect from partnering with sPower?
If sPower selects your property for potential development, we would purchase your land or enter into a site lease agreement with you. Lease terms are typically 20 years and can provide you with a consistent and reliable source of income.

 How much property does a solar facility require?
The amount of property that is needed depends on the unique site location (e.g., rooftop, carport, vacant land, etc.). In flat open areas, about 7 acres is needed for a 1-megawatt facility, which produces enough electricity to power an average of 250 homes per year.

 How much income can a solar facility generate for me?
Land purchase pricing and site lease payments vary widely, based on a number of factors including the location of a solar project (e.g., rooftop, carport, vacant land, etc.), the cost to interconnect to the power grid and the power market. sPower will conduct a detailed analysis of the unique site conditions within your area and offer a highly competitive purchase price or lease payment.

 Where on my property will sPower locate the solar facility?
sPower may have a good idea of where to place the solar facility on your property, but will work closely with you to identify the best location and to ensure the layout is compatible with existing uses.

 How do I know if my property is sunny enough for development?
A number of factors determine the viability of a solar installation on your property, including solar radiation, local weather patterns, elevation and other characteristics.

 Who pays the taxes if I have a solar facility on my property?
sPower pays any additional taxes resulting from the installation of our generation equipment and associated infrastructure.

 Am I liable for accidents or injuries on my property?
No. Property owners are not liable for actions occurring on their property as a result of the solar facility operations. The property owner will also be an additional insured party on sPower’s policy.

 How long does construction of a solar project take?
Depending on the project size, construction typically takes from two to five months from groundbreaking to commercial operation. After construction, surrounding property that may have been disturbed is restored to its pre-construction state.


Do you think your land might be right for a sustainable energy project?

• sPower is actively seeking landowner partners to develop sustainable energy projects.
• Plus, landowners with existing sustainable energy assets can benefit by liquidating current land leases through a partnership with sPower.

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