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For sPower, Arizona is a state with incredible opportunity for vast sustainable power generation and significant economic development.

Currently, we have more than 1600 megawatts of planned development in the state which has the potential to provide millions of dollars in property tax revenue for state and local governments in Arizona. In addition to this significant economic stimulus, we prioritize the wellbeing of the communities where we work and are committed to further community investment. To do so, we invest in school districts, municipalities, tribal communities, and contribute to non-profits wherever possible. 

Our work in Pinal County has been an important part of the sPower story in Arizona. We developed our flagship project, Sandstone Solar (57 megawatts) in 2015. This project was a partnership with SRP, a community-based not-for-profit water and energy company that provides reliable, affordable water and power to more than 2 million people in central Arizona. Today, we are developing three subsequent solar projects in the area: West Line, East Line and Central Line. Cumulatively, these projects will provide approximately 370 megawatts of renewable energy and in 2019 provided more than $1.3 million to the local community through annual tax revenue. Additionally, these projects will provide consistent employment opportunities throughout construction over the next several years.

We are also developing one of the largest wind projects in Arizona, Chevelon Butte Wind. This proposed 477-megawatt project will provide large-scale tax revenue and hundreds of employment opportunities in Coconino and Navajo Counties.

We look forward to continuing to deploy renewable energy projects in Arizona, that will benefit the economy, communities as well as the environment.

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“Sandstone Solar” 

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Sandstone Solar is a 57 MW solar project located in Florence, AZ. This video was created by our project partner SRP, a community-based not-for-profit water and energy company that provides reliable, affordable water and power to more than 2 million people living in central Arizona.

Project Spotlight: Painted Desert Solar

Recently, we formalized a partnership with Navajo Power, a Public Benefit Corporation that develops utility-scale clean energy projects on tribal lands. We have a shared commitment with Navajo Power to maximize the economic benefits of renewable energy for local communities. The Painted Desert Project is a 750 MW solar + storage project located on Navajo Nation land.  The project will produce renewable energy to offset the coal-fired Navajo Generating Station that shut down in 2019 and provide direct economic benefits, including new jobs for the local community.

Arizona Projects In Development

The information included in the map above is representative, not reflective of sPower’s entire development portfolio and is subject to change.

Explore Arizona Projects – In development

East Line Solar
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City of Coolidge
  • Construction start: Underway
  • Expected Operational Date: Phase 1: Q4 2020
121 MW
Planned Capacity
Construction Jobs
FT Jobs
Tax Revenue
Central Line Solar
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City of Coolidge and City of Eloy
  • Construction start: Q1 2021
  • Expected Operational Date: Early 2021
125 MW
Planned Capacity
Construction Jobs
FT Jobs
Tax Revenue
Chevelon Butte Wind
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Coconino and Navajo Counties
  • Construction start: Q4 2020
  • Expected Operational Date: Q4 2021
477 MW
Planned Capacity
Construction Jobs
FT Jobs

To learn more about the Chevelon Butte Wind project visit supportchevelonbuttewind.com or chevelonbuttewind.spower.com

Project information is approximate and subject to change.

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  • City of Winslow Chamber of Commerce