Partnering with Landowners

Partnering for Success

Development and Success

Landowners play a key role in the development and success of each sPower project. Our teams and landowners work together, in partnership, from the beginning stages of site discussions, through permitting, construction, and operation. The team/landowner relationship begins early, is built on trust, includes open communication, and yields mutual success.

One of the earliest phases of project development is Land Acquisition. During this phase, land acquisition specialists, also known as land agents, begin canvassing the site area for landowner participation interest. At this stage, our team is cultivating trust with local landowners and discussing land lease or purchase agreement options/terms.

sPower projects are typically sited on leased or purchased land. Land use and requirements vary between solar and wind energy projects.

Leasing options provide landowners with the ability to capitalize on their land ownership while retaining ownership throughout the project life cycle. For many, this is a welcome complement to current land use and an opportunity to diversify their land investment while hedging against volatile commodity prices. For others, our projects offer an income stream and land use option where none otherwise existed.

sPower is a proven leader in sustainable energy with the capabilities to quickly address issues—and the commitment to find the best solutions. We are dedicated to relationship building with local stakeholders, including municipalities, neighbors, and the general public throughout the life of the project.

The team/landowner relationship remains valuable during the Design and Permitting phases of the project.

  • Our participating landowners have a voice in our decision-making process
  • From determining the ideal location of access roads, to actual equipment site locations and preferences.
  • sPower is committed to being good stewards of the land alongside landowners.

Do you think your land might be right for a sustainable energy project?

  • sPower is actively seeking landowner partners to develop sustainable energy projects.
  • Landowners with existing sustainable energy assets can benefit by liquidating current land leases through a partnership with sPower.


"Our first experience with sPower was the Sandstone project in the San Tan region. It was obvious that the company philosophy at sPower places a high value on reliability and that following through on commitments is important to them. That project was constructed and came online during 2015. We subsequently have entered into agreements on four additional properties. It appears that Eloy will be our next project to proceed to construction. sPower has been a very reliable partner on these projects. sPower came highly recommended, even by its competitors. Competitors would say, 'if you don’t go with us, I would choose sPower.'

I highly recommend sPower as a reliable Solar Development Partner. “

Steve Rees


Principal, Langley Properties