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New York is positioned to become one of the largest markets for clean energy technology and development. As one of the nation’s leading independent power producers, we are prepared to support New York’s energy transition. We are currently operating 36 megawatts of renewable energy in New York and have a development portfolio of more than 900 megawatts.
We look forward to providing economic and environmental benefits to communities and helping New York achieve their carbon-free energy goals by 2040. We are currently developing a 36-megawatt solar project in the Town of Riverhead in Suffolk County. In 2019 we completed Riverhead Solar 1, a 20-megawatt solar farm that provides power for approximately 2,870 homes and has added more than $8 million in local wages to Long Island’s economy. This project also demonstrated our continued commitment to working with unions and local workers whenever possible when developing projects. Riverhead Solar I and II have provided us with the opportunity to create long-lasting community partnerships.  We have had the privilege of working closely with several community organizations and sponsoring various community events in the Town of Riverhead, such as Riverhead’s annual Cardboard Boat Races and the Peconic Bay Medical Center’s “Unmasking the Heroes 2020 Virtual Gala”.  Events like these make us excited to continue working and building strong relationships throughout the state while producing clean, reliable energy and boosting the local economy.

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Planned Capacity


construction jobs created by development projects


Statewide Operating Capacity

“Renewable Energy as an Economic Driver “

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Renewable energy is not only good for the environment, it is good for the economy. Hear from sPower employees and community leaders about the value renewable energy brings to communities across the country

“The sPower Way ”

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Building relationships, working together, and developing projects with the heart of the community in mind.

“In Their Shoes “

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Change is hard. So, we work to put ourselves in the shoes of our landowners. We adapt to have the least impact on their lives, while providing positive benefits to them, the environment and the local community.

Project Spotlight: Cayuga Solar

An unprecedented energy transition is transforming the U.S., and New York is leading the way. Committing to shifting away from fossil fuels and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, New York has adopted the goal to end coal-fired power generation by the end of 2020. Both the environment and the economy stand to benefit from the coal to renewable transition.

Decommissioned coal-fired power plants now have the opportunity to be repurposed into renewable energy centers. This transition will help the state reach its carbon neutrality goals while creating jobs. Reuse is another topline benefit; solar plants can repurpose existing land and equipment. Solar plants can also utilize existing interconnection equipment and build new electrical infrastructure within existing plant footprints. This transition also provides significant economic benefits. These projects will create new job opportunities during construction and throughout the project’s life while also generating substantial tax revenue for the local county.

sPower is in the preliminary phases of two solar energy projects that would utilize and transform now-closed coal-powered power stations. The proposed projects, Cayuga Solar, in Tompkins County, and Somerset Solar, located in Niagara County, can repurpose land no longer used, provide significant economic benefits, and continue to deliver electricity to the grid. As a long-term owner and operator, we look forward to partnering with the local communities through development and operation. Cayuga and Somerset Solar are currently in the early stages of planning, and more information will be available as development progresses.

New York Projects In Development

The information included in the map above is representative, not reflective of sPower’s entire development portfolio and is subject to change.

Explore New York Projects – In Development (Article 10 Process)

Riverhead Solar 2
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Calverton, New York
  • Construction start: TBD
  • Expected Operational Date: October 31, 2022
36 MWac
Planned Capacity
Construction Jobs
FT Jobs
$10+ Million
Tax Revenue

To learn more about Riverhead Solar 2, please visit  https://riverheadsolar2.spower.com/

Cayuga Solar (Early Stage Development)
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Tompkins County, NY
  • Construction start: TBD
  • Expected Operational Date: Q4 2023
100-150 MWs
Planned Capacity
Somerset Solar (Early Stage Development)
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Niagara County, NY
  • Construction start: TBD
  • Expected Operational Date: Q4 2023
125-175 MWs
Planned Capacity

Project information is approximate and subject to change.

sPower is also in early-stage development of stand-alone energy storage projects in New York City and Long Island, estimated at more than 600 megawatts.

Proud Members of

Our Community Partners

  • Riverhead Business Improvement District
  • Riverhead Little League
  • Riverhead High School Robotics Team
  • Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch
  • Riverhead Cardboard Boat Races
  • Long Island Farm Bureau Golf Fundraiser
  • Island Harvest Food Bank (COVID relief donation)
  • Peconic Bay Medical Center