Community Commitment

Community Commitment

Our Commitment

We know the success of our company is only as strong as our partnerships with the communities where we operate. We are committed to responsible operations and see renewable energy development as a catalyst for sustainable, long-term community development.

Our commitment to and investment in the communities where we develop and operate has been a key driver to sPower’s success. We strive to be a good neighbor by actively engaging, listening and responding to feedback in the communities where we develop and operate projects; our goal is to integrate our renewable energy projects into the fabric of the local community as seamlessly as possible.

Community Investment

We are committed to operating our projects responsibly and we see renewable energy development as a catalyst for sustainable, long-term community development. Our in-house Community Relations team focuses on cultivating strong local relationships and providing support through the life of a project.

Employee Involvement & Volunteerism

sPower empowers employees from across the company to actively participate in the communities where we are developing and operating. Education and volunteerism are two consistent themes in our engagement.

In 2019 sPower employees volunteered for events such as:

  • STEM Fest SLC – sPower sponsored and exhibited at Utah’s STEM Fest where 6th to 10th grade students and families enjoyed hands-on experiences with science and technology.
  • San Juan Career Fair –sPower worked with Junior Achievement (JA) of Utah as an exhibitor at the San Juan Career Fair for 8th grade students from six public schools and 6th grade students from a school on the Navajo Reservation in San Juan County, Utah.
  • Utah PRIDE Parade – sPower was a sponsor and participated in the Salt Lake City PRIDE Parade with over 40 sPower employees, friends and family in attendance. Sponsorship funds went to supporting the Utah Pride Center and the festival.


In 2019 sPower was awarded with a Cleanie Award for our collaboration with Calvert Street Group on the Spotsy for Solar Campaign. The Spotsy for Solar Campaign supported and advocated for the approval of a 500 MW, 6,350-acre solar farm in Spotsylvania County, VA. The successful campaign will make the site the 13th largest solar farm in the world, and within the United States, the largest project east of the Rockies. The Cleanie Awards amplify innovation stories that demonstrate the bottom-line impact cleantech has on the global economy.


Our employee empowerment and positive workplace is being recognized: In 2019 sPower was recognized with an Experience Energy Grit Award. We earned the top spot in the Renewable Power Company category for Best Energy Workplaces.


Renewable Energy Policy

sPower actively supports favorable renewable energy policy in the states where we operate, develop, and prospect.